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Product: Process Navigator Manufacturer: Triaster

Triaster – Process Navigator - Mapping Edition

When embarking on process improvement projects one of the most crucial tasks is to adequately map the processes (both in as as-is and also in a re-engineered state). These days there are a variety of methodologies and software to help with the task – Triaster Process Navigator – Mapping Edition is one of these.

Powered by Microsoft Visio, Process Navigator is designed for non-process specialists in order to capture business processes in graphical format.

Triaster pride themselves on a simple interface, anyone familiar with Visio will be at home, and aim their product not at the traditional business improvement departments but at the workforce that they support. By doing this in a standard format – other Triaster products can then be bought in to link these up in a seamless end to end process.

Mapping Edition comes with many features to make the job easier – these include swimlanes to provide a cross-functional view of processes, auto connection of shapes, automated layouts.

Maps can be “stacked” via links which once the map is published allow users to drill through the process to further detail – other documentation can be linked in via hyperlinks so business can easily link process maps to work instructions for example.

Built on the Visio graphics engine. You get the full functionality of Visio with the rigour provided by Process Navigator. Extracts can be done in a variety of formats including html so that allows you to export to your local intranet with ease.

Using Triaster – process maps can be created with relative ease and the learning curve is short enough that most users can be mapping in a short space of time (this is benefited by the Visio engine offering the traditional MS Office look and feel).

One of the more powerful features is the software recognises orphaned Deliverables within a process map. This serves two ends – firstly by highlighting these orphan processes – unnecessary work can be easily highlighted within an organisation and removed, secondly this feature ensures that maps are consistent throughout the levels.

Products like Triaster have further benefits in a large environment – where different parts of the organisation need to carry out mapping activity – Triaster offers a standard approach to carry out this task.


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