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Cisco 7940 IP Phone

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Product: Cisco 7940 IP Phone Manufacturer: Cisco

For those looking at a reliable Voice Over IP phone (VOIP) the Cisco 7940 is an ideal handset

The Cisco 7940 has a nice robust design centred around a large display which displays information such as missed calls, or dialling options together with caller identification to the user. The button layout is sensible with features which allow access to mailbox and corporate directories handset volume etc. The handset benefits from features are well laid out and easy to use Cisco have clearly done their homework here.

Audi quality is good with a nice clear (relatively hiss free) environment.

Features include a high quality hands free speakerphone capability, autodial, headset connectivity. It has access to at least two telephone lines (or combination one line and one direct access to telephony feature i.e., AutoDial).

Ideally suited towards the modern corporate environment the Cisco 7940 is a no fuss feature laden VOIP phone that does what it sets out to with minimum fuss


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