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Sage Line 50

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Product: Sage Line 50 Manufacturer: Sage

Sage Line 50 is the entry level accounting application from industry leaders sage, and comes armed with a range of features to manage your accounts and relationships with suppliers and customers.

Line 50 has been around for a while now (sage having introduced its first accounting package in the 1990s)

Features include the ability to manage the usual Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers down to transaction level each is supported by a variety of reports and configuration options. Management of Budgets can be achieved down to a departmental level and an integrated reporting engine can produce reports for each department, nominal code or project. All this is achieved through Sages intuitive user interface familiar to anyone that uses windows.

As with many financial systems, a large amount of data can be stored Sage Line 50 offers a number of ways of reporting which include drill down capability for a clearer picture on activity this enhanced further by having an integrated report designer.

Offering full transactional detail for VAT returns, enhanced management of Foreign Bank accounts, Intrastat and Project costings Sage Line 50 has a lot to offer - different configuration options allow the product to be extremely flexible and some thought up front should be given to how the company will be operated before Sage is set up.

As with many applications there is a lot under the hood here and it may take you a while to become accustomed if your unfamiliar with these sorts of packages they are designed to reduce the burden on your accountant and allow you to manage your own accounts effectively to a certain level however not unlike MS Office being feature rich does have its drawbacks as there is a fair amount for you to play with.

Sage Line 50 has been the king of accounting packages for a while and with the release of the 2007 edition its unlikely that this will change soon. Though not the cheapest on the market it makes up for this by offering a well developed feature rich products in the market place.


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