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VoIP for Small Business

By Hung Lam

VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) is the latest in telephone technology. It uses broadband computer networks to rout regular phone calls rather than traditional phone lines.

For individuals, calls are sent over the Internet. All that is needed are their regular phone, and an adapter, usually provided by a VoIP service provider (for example Vonage) when service is ordered.

For businesses, itís a little more complicated. Phone calls are sent over their internal company network and the Internet. Why would businesses want to consider VoIP over their current phone system? There are three reasons:

1. VoIP can be easily and quickly implemented
2. VoIP is easy to administer and monitor
3. VoIP can save businesses A LOT OF MONEY

Here are issues that businesses need to consider before deciding if VoIP is right for them:

Can the existing phone system be used with the VoIP system?
What additional hardware/software is required?
How much will the VoIP solution cost?
Will the VoIP save my company money in the long run?

These answers can be obtained from a VoIP service provider or a VoIP implementation specialists like LAN Doctors, Inc. (

In general, VoIP makes the most sense for businesses that have multiple locations, branches, offices, etc., that are connected via their company network. Why?

Letís imagine that a company has three locations: one in New Jersey, one in Texas, and one in California. All three locations are connected to each other via their company network. If they implement a VoIP system, all phone calls between the three locations are routed through their existing company network. Thus, all calls between the three locations are FREE OF CHARGE. This can eliminate a large portion of the long distance bill. It can save the company A LOT of money.

Also, when the company places calls outside of their internal network, the per-minute rates are usually lower than traditional calls. This will save the company more money.

Hung Lam is a network engineer with LAN Doctors, Inc. (, a complete IT solutions provider in the NY metro area.


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