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Role of Information Technology

By Vinay Rana

The flow of information has changed the way we live in today world. Information is the backbone of every system. Every morning when we read a newspaper having out so much information we came to know the latest happening in the world (of course in details), yeah you are right even the internet edition also. This is just a very basic example of IT.

All our Railways, Air and even sea networks are connected with the help of IT. The information is very vital for running these smoothly. Even if we have do not have information for one minute it may result into a big disaster.

We can take the example of banking. It is very to transact any amount of money from part of the world to other with help of e-commerce. We can purchase anything online with help of debit and credit cards. This has made our lives more and more simple.

Now days if we want to buy to something and are not getting it nearby store then we can simply search for that thing on internet and then order it on the internet. We will get it delivered at our doorstep with just few clicks of mouse.

Similarly if we want to travel around the world we can book airline tickets online and even book rooms for our hotels (of course at competitive rates).

People are working on the internet without really having to go outside to their workplace.

IT has changed the whole scenario.
Companies can share technologies online
Even the doctors can guide the other doctors while operating on a patient with the help of Information Technology.
A whole new world is coming in our way.
We love IT.

Cyber Force is always with YOU.


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